Crane Line Riders

We manufacture a range of Crane Line Riders built to primarily support crane winch, towing, and other tensioning applications.

Line Rider - Standard Series

Hoist Rope:

  • Crane Line Rider Model 1 – 10mm to 19mm
  • Crane Line Rider Model 2 – 22mm to 28mm
  • Crane Line Rider Model 3 – 32mm to 38mm
  • Crane Line Riders and Mounting arms
  • Line Rider Clamp-On – 29mm to 40mm
Crane Line Rider
Crane Line Rider
Crane Line Rider
  • Marinised finish available for marine and offshore applications
  • Heavy duty models up to 100mm
  • Custom options available
  • Payout monitoring options
  • A full range of Alexia instrumentation

Alexia are the right choice for low costing yet reliably built Crane Dynamometers. Our standard range supports diameters from 10mm to 100mm with a choice of mountings to suit every application. We also provide custom engineering solutions suited to meet your specific needs.

Alexia Clamp-On Crane Dynamometers fitted to the pendant ropes on a crawler crane.

The Alexia range of Clamp-On Crane Dynamometers provide a quick and accurate solution for standing rope tension measurements without the need for custom engineered load pins or links, featuring indirect measurement with our standard low-cost load pins that are available when required.

Crane Line Rider

We also manufacture a wide range of Crane Dynamometer options for Marine Environments.

Model 8 Marine Crane Dynamometer specification

Hoist Rope Anchor Rope Sizes:

  • 45mm - 45 Tonne
  • 65mm - 55 Tonne
  • 75mm - 75 Tonne
  • 90mm - 100 Tonne
Alexia Line Rider


Bespoke Engineered Crane Dynamometers to Suit all Marine Requirements

We manufacture for rope sizes exceeding 100mm+

  • High build quality and galvanised to suit tough marine environments
  • Custom options available
  • Payout monitoring options
  • A full range of Alexia instrumentation
  • Case hardened sheaves
  • Heavy duty roller bearings
Crane Line Rider

Our Model 8 range of Crane Dynamometers supports mooring system rope diameters in the range of 40mm to 100mm. Larger sizes are available on request with a choice of standard mountings to suit every application.
We also provide custom engineered solutions specific to your applications.
The Alexia Model 8 are designed for extremely arduous applications. These mooring winches provide both load and payout monitoring.
For port cranes, a range of Alexia Single Sheave Dynamometers are available to satisfy the demanding workload and duty cycle requirements that are typical of a dockside operation.

Optional Rope Direction:

  • Hoist friction compensation for better load accuracy

Payout Monitoring For:

  • Distance
  • Rope speed, typically 0.2 - 2.0m/s
  • Depth indication
Clamp-On Line Rider


Alexia’s Crane Line Riders, Clamp-On Crane Dynamometers, and Marinised Crane Dynamometers are simple to install

  • No special equipment required
  • Fully trained engineers available
  • World-wide support